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Advice for dealing with acne

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Living with acne

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Living with acne is very tough, there’s no doubt about that. I think one of the toughest things about it is not knowing when the experience will end, if ever. Some people live with acne for a large part of their teenage and adult life, and all the while you are living with the experience, is the thought in the back of your mind that the same may be about to happen to you.

I struggled for a long time to find a solution to my acne because I believed the wrong things about its cause. Consequently, I was always taking the wrong approach to try and cure it. Once I started doing the right things it cleared up fairly quickly, and was gone within six months.

It can be difficult to find the right solution, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying. Only by trying hard and persevering will you actually end up with the beautiful, acne free skin that you deserve to have.

Getting the right advice is key to it all. Go and see the best dermatologists you can find, while at the same time doing everything you can at home to sort the problem out yourself.

Treatment for acne

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I was sent to this hospital, which is the nearest to my home, because of my acne problem, for 8 days in a row. I was hoping to get the best holistic cure for acne. Each day I went in, I was registered easily and quickly. After the first day, most days were faster, because they had my registration done and all I had to do was sign it. It was a little harder on the weekend when alternate staff was working and there was a problem with them getting the computer system to register me so I could sign the necessary paperwork. I was not left to stand and wait however. The young lady at the desk sent me back to radiology while she worked on the problem. While in examination each day, things went quickly and smoothly. The staff was always friendly and explained everything first.

Each day I went to register at the hospital’s front desk and then went to the outpatient waiting room. It was never more than 2-5 minutes before I was called back to have my acne looked at. The staff was very friendly and explained every step even though they knew I had been through it the day before. What could have been a huge inconvenience for 8 days turned out to be a breeze thanks to the staff at the Medical Center in Hazen, ND!

It was ok. There was construction the floor that the dermatology center was on. So it wasn’t as clean as it should have been. We were put in one of the small rooms do to remodeling. The dermatology room was still dirty from the last patient when we got there. They did offer to move us to a different room. The nurses for the most part were polite. We had a couple of rude ones. But most were nice.

It was a heartbreaking experience since we were there to try and clear up my acne problem for good. However, the staff were wonderful. They kept my room quiet and had the on call doctor come to spend time with me. She stayed by my bedside during the night and that was comforting. They went out of there way to make sure that I was not disturbed by the noises on the floor, which is not easy to do on a hospital floor. I was amazed at their compassion and understanding and would use the hospital again.